Indigo Children and the evolution of humanity

Over the past several decades parents, teachers, counselors and other professionals have been noticing a change in the behavior of children.  Many of these behaviors have not been observed before – especially on such a large scale.  The children who exhibit these behaviors have become known as Indigo Children.

Since the qualities possessed by Indigo Children defy traditional categorization and labeling, the existing systems cannot properly accommodate them.  Many people believe that the changes that are being observed represent an evolution in the human race.  This evolution brings with it a shift in humanity to one that is more advanced, more aware, and operates on a higher level.

Challenges of an Indigo Child

One of the main challenges of Indigo Children is that many people do not know how to properly deal with them.  Traditional parenting techniques usually fail leading to frustration for both the parent and the Indigo Child.  This can cause the Indigo Child to further act in ways traditionally deemed ‘unacceptable’.

Because of the frustrations experienced by parents and other caregivers this can often lead to more drastic measures such as the medication of Indigo Children which, if improperly administered or administered for the wrong reasons, can ultimately be damaging.

Indigo Kids going forward

We need to re-evaluate how we deal with Indigo Children in how we interact with them, how we educate them, and how we nurture them.  With the right techniques and approach, Indigo Kids can be given an environment where they can flourish and accomplish what they were sent here to achieve.

When given the right environment in which to develop, an Indigo Child has the opportunity to apply the gifts they have been given.  This can be extremely rewarding – both for the Indigo Child and the parent.